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The makers of Budweiser are developing “gender-friendly” ads for the upcoming Super Bowl. (Photo: Budweiser/Facebook.)

Breaking news: According to Jorn Socquet, Anheuser-Busch InBev NV’s vice president of marketing in the U.S., “Objectification of women is going away.”

Good job, everyone. We did it. High-fives all around.

What he really means is that the world’s biggest beer-making company is finally realizing that women enjoy the act of consuming beer and should be included in commercials, and not only as bikini-clad beer maidens, Bloomberg reports.

The news here is that Socquet is pulling the plug on everyone’s favorite puppy and horse commercials because “they have zero impact on beer sales,” he told Bloomberg. “Those ads I wouldn’t air again because they don’t sell beer.” If interspecies animal friendships with men softly crooning in the background couldn’t get women to buy Bud, maybe actual representation might. What a concept!

AB InBev is going forward with creating “gender-friendly” ads for the upcoming Super Bowl, in hopes of regaining the ten percent share of the market that beer has lost to wine and hard liquor over the past decade. However, a former chairman of the branding firm Landor Associates thinks the company is setting itself up for quite the challenge: “It’s been an age-old challenge to try to get women to drink beer, so it’s a tough road to plow. After years of being very sexist and very male focused, now to say, ‘Forget all that!’ It’s going to take them time to dig themselves out of this corner they’ve painted themselves into.”

How hard is it to have an equal mixture of men and women all enjoying beer? We’re sure Mad Men‘s Peggy Olsen would not stand for this.