Listen To Food Republic Today: Thanksgiving Prep Advice, Delhi Air Quality

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It's time you started prepping for Thanksgiving. Well, mentally, at least. Mr. Thanksgiving himself, Rick Rodgers, comes in and reveals all his secrets to prepping, cooking and serving the ultimate Thanksgiving feast. Need more advice? His book, Thanksgiving 101, is full of savvy tips. In other news, our senior editor is just back from a trip to New Delhi, India. We chat with her about the air quality there and a totally egg-centric restaurant she checked out. As for our daily round up of food news, we're taking a break to air-dry our turkeys and figuring out whether or not to brine them. We wrap today up with chef Craig Deihl's favorite cuts of pork.

Today's News:

  • The 50 Most Classic Cocktails
  • There's more than one way to cook a turkey
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