This Drink Is Made Entirely From Spent Grains

All breweries end up with spent grains, a byproduct of making beer. Some companies send it to neighboring farms to feed pigs or donate it to people who make sustainable dog treats and granola bars. And now, thanks to green startup Canvas, you can sip on barley milk.

Canvas' line of beverages is entirely plant-based, made with spent brewing barley ("saved grain" as they call it) plus coconut and cashew milks. The mix is flavored with herbs and spices to make what honestly sounds like a pretty delicious drink. You'll be able to buy them in matcha, turmeric chai, cocoa and cold brew latte flavors.

Canvas' has already surpassed its original goal of $25,000 and is about to reach its stretch goal of $45,000. The milk is currently only available through the crowdfunding site, but don't be surprised if you eventually see it on shelves. People who love beer and eschew dairy are going to love this stuff.