Fiona, Cincinnati’s baby hippo, is back in the news. Last month, a local brewery made a beer to raise funds for the animal, who was born prematurely. This week, Cincy-based Graeter’s ice cream dedicated a special flavor and all its proceeds to the city’s zoo. Over in New York City, food waste is on the minds of business owners as the NYC Food Waste Fair is approaching.

  • Popular Cincinnati-based ice cream store Graeter’s dedicated a new flavor to the premature baby hippo, Fiona at the local zoo. Chunky Chunky Hippo is made of toffee ice cream mixed with milk chocolate caramel truffles and salted and roasted peanuts. Proceeds from sales of Chunky Chunky Hippo will go to the Cincinnati Zoo. The flavor can be found at local Graeter’s locations and online.
  • Tickets for the NYC Food Waste Fair on Tuesday, July 25 are now available. Organized by the Department of Sanitation, workshops and live demonstrations dedicated to showing business owners how scraps can be saved and reused.