If you haven’t fallen completely in love with your local CSA program yet, maybe this will heat things up a little.

Homesweet Homegrown, a farm in Kutztown, PA, is about to start the world’s first chili pepper CSA. The farm launched a Kickstarter campaign on June 20 with the goal of $5,000 to fund the program. Less than a month later, they reached and then surpassed their goal, ending up with a whopping $25,000. That’s enough for a lot of peppers.

Unlike most CSA boxes, Homesweet Homegrown will ship to anywhere in the continental United States. Plus, they’re harvested by hand and shipped the same day. Fresh peppers for all Americans!

Boxes of six varieties are sent out monthly for three months. How will you get your peppers outside of harvest time? Fret not — peppers freeze very well. The farm boasts 45 different varieties, including the super-spicy Carolina Reaper and the rare Big Mustard Mama, which means CSA members are likely to get different types of peppers every month. Boxes also include recipes, pepper history, Scoville scale information and tips on preservation and cooking.

Act fast! The harvest starts in September.