Miami's Barton G Serves Dessert In A Bike Basket

If the recent over-the-top dessert craze is your jam, you're going to flip over an elaborate new presentation from upscale American comfort food joint Barton G.  "Deliverin' The Goods – That's How We Roll" ($74) is currently a special at their Miami location. If it's a hit, they'll offer it in Los Angeles where it's sure to be well-received by fans of both dessert and beach cruiser bikes.

The dessert consists of three jelly rolls — strawberry, tiramisu and tres leches — rolled in rice paper "newspapers" printed with the Miami Herald, surrounded by fresh berries and wheeled to the table in the basket of a real cotton candy-hued bike. Well, not real-real.

The dessert originally came about during one of chef/owner Barton Weiss' brainstorming sessions, according to Executive Director of Culinary Development, Jeff O'Neill. "We ultimately came to this idea of the paperboy route, which led to Barton wanting us to put a bigger and more outrageous bike on the table," says O'Neill. "Not a child's bike, a real bike. We had to custom-build a mini 3 1/2-foot tall beach cruiser, then kicked it into high-gear and started adding on LED lights and gadgets. Using new kitchen technology, we're able to custom-print the daily Miami Herald 'newspaper wrappers' in-house."

It doesn't stop at jelly rolls, though. When you order the dessertmobile, you also get a sack filled with cookie sticks, chocolate peanut brittle, and seasonal jam and peanut butter swirl jars to enjoy at home.