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Black Tap's Brooklyn Blackout milkshake is the sum of many desserts.

Joe Isidori is chef-owner of NYC burger haven Black Tap and author of a new cookbook packed with its recipes. The burgers are delicious, inventive and served “deluxe,” and the milkshakes are the skyscrapers of the dessert game, loaded with every other dessert imaginable. Once you’ve had your burger and are ready for something sweet, set your sights on this stacked and loaded milkshake, inspired by the famous Brooklyn Blackout Cake.

Sal, the owner of Little Cupcake Bakeshop, where I get coffee every day, is from Brooklyn. I’m from the Bronx. Most mornings you can find us at a table with our heads together in the great tradition of two Italian-Americans having a sit-down on the margins of old Little Italy, but the only deals we ever make involve desserts. Sal’s award-winning blackout cake was the perfect New York inspiration for this chocolate shake, developed to commemorate the opening of Black Tap Down, the basement dining room we built underneath our original Soho bar.

Reprinted with permission from Craft Burgers and Crazy Shakes From Black Tap