Welcome To The 2nd Annual Holy Frijoles Week!

Ladies and gentleman, start your tacos — it's our second annual Holy Frijoles Week! This week will culminate in the ultimate harmonic convergence: Cinco de Mayo falls on a Friday! So you can guess how many margaritas and bowls of guacamole are going to be served this May 5 from San Diego to St. Louis to Syracuse. And while this holiday may have deviated from its origins — when Mexicans celebrate their underdog victory over the French in 1862's Battle of Puebla — we like to play along if for no other reason than to highlight how much Mexican culinary culture has permeated the U.S. (It's almost like there's no wall between the two countries!)

All this week, we'll feature recipes and stories that showcase just how colorful, flavorful and influential Mexican food has become. Check back often, as we've got some surprises up our sleeves, following up on last year's inaugural Holy Frijoles week, when we explored Mexico's seven distinct culinary regions, learned about all the types of beans, cooked up a tasty Mexican pizza, and of course, ranked the best tacos: