This Artist Wants You To Cook Sous Vide In Your Laundry

You can sous vide almost anything, from yogurt and eggnog to burgers and lobster. There are special tools that make it easier, and it can even be done in a dishwasher. But mixed in with the whites or darks in your next load of laundry?

Art student Iftach Gazit played with the idea of throwing steaks, salmon and vegetables in with dirty socks and shirts in design project "Sous La Vie." Fast Co.Design reports that Gazit designed plastic bags wrapped in waterproof material called Tyvek paper, the same material worn by doctors working with Ebola-affected patients, for use as the sous vide bags.

Gazit writes on his website that the design project is a clash between the upper and lower classes in America: high-end cuisine meets the 24-hour laundromat.

"The Sous La Vie laundry dinner serves as a reminder of lost homes and (the American) dreams," he writes. "It offers a deep look at the cultural conditions that determine what products we consume, in this case capitalism and fast food vs. socialism and slow food (not to say one is better than the other). The laundry dinner is not intended solely for the homeless, but much rather for us all: a product that reflects on our taste, our economic ability and our culture."