According to a recent study by the Pew Research Center, Americans’ eating habits have changed, but not in the nutritional sense. The Atlantic reports that the study, whose results challenge the conventional wisdom about people wanting to eat healthier, was based on analysis of American diets over 40 years.

The research found that while milk consumption went down, cheese consumption went up. Sugar intake also dropped while high-fructose corn syrup rose, as did calorie consumption.

Americans are also happier knowing that their junk food is unhealthy. The Atlantic reports that Kraft updated its boxed Mac & Cheese recipe with fewer artificial dyes and preservatives but was told by marketing executives not to advertise the change right away. Haribo (gummy bears) and Coca-Cola found that making their signature products healthier was “damaging.”

The readers of Food Republic are seemingly in the same boat. While we pride ourselves on our coverage of global cuisines and healthier choices, it’s stories like our hot dog and sandwich charts that perform best. So, um, pass the Cheetos?