You don’t win “Best Edible” in the 2016 High Times Colorado Cannabis Cup by cobbling together some messed-up-looking pot brownies and offering them to the judges with a hopeful smile. As the pot industry expands massively to offer patrons everything from THC-infused topical rubs to fizzy carbonated drinks and tea bags, the bar continues to rise for the most innovative and delicious way to get high. Award-winning Denver-based Coda Signature, maker of infused edibles available at more than a dozen locations throughout that…lucky, lucky state, has set an entirely new standard.

Coda Signature’s chocolate truffles, bars and hot chocolate mix are crafted from meticulously selected ingredients. Utilizing supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction technology, their chocolatiers are able to distill pure, highly concentrated cannabis oil from the raw material and fuse it seamlessly with their hand-decorated confections. They use local honey to sweeten their creations and Szechuan peppercorns and Earl Gray tea leaves to flavor them. One of their bars is “coffee and doughnut” flavored. Stop eating that one before you hit the point of no return, hard as it may be. Why the name Coda rather than something like Super High Ridiculously Pretty Chocolate Store? From their website:

“In music, codas are an essential part of the greater understanding of a song. As we listen to the coda, we hear a culmination of the musical phrases that came before while experiencing a truly distinct sound. Coda Signature is that distinct presence in the evolution of cannabis.”

And about 45 minutes to an hour after enjoying one of their breathtaking treats, you’ll be able to interpret that as the meaningful sentiment we’re sure it is.