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A big, deliberately unpalatable cheers to Scottie Nell Hughes — it's a mazel tov cocktail recipe! (Photo: mattyfo/Flickr.)

There are only so many more hours to revel in the relentless torment family-friendly romp that is the 2016 presidential election, so let’s make sure we don’t miss any gems, cause once they’re gone, they’re gone, folks! (Kidding, of course: The trauma will follow us forever.)

We realized yesterday, after reading about the on-air gaffe of self-professed “fatigued” Trump surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes, that we actually HAVE a Mazel Tov cocktail recipe I wrote as a joke five years ago. It’s one part gin to two parts Manischewitz (or as I like to call it, “discouragement wine”) with a twist of lime to really mess it all up. Anyone would happily accept a glass bottle of kerosene with a flaming rag sticking out of it rather than choke down this novelty libation.

Needless to say, Twitter had one last rollicking point-and-laugh fest.

But that’s okay, because Manischewitz does!

And as Donald Trump, a bubbling dish of macaroni, cheese and melted Crayola “macaroni and cheese” crayons, aggressively mazel tovs his winning personality tonight regardless of the outcome, we will literally drink any booze you hand us in celebration that this election season has come to an end.