Photo: Museum of Ice Cream/Facebook

Ticket reseller StubHub is one of the go-to sites for snagging a seat to an otherwise sold-out concert or sporting event. Now it’s helping folks to finally take that plunge into New York City’s most exclusive rainbow-sprinkle pool.

 That’s right: Tickets to the city’s hugely publicized Museum of Ice Cream are being sold right now via the popular online service, and predictably, they’re selling at a huge markup — ranging from $45 (more than double the original face value of $18) to upwards of $140 a piece for a prime time slot.

Entrance to this summer’s buzziest cold-treat-themed attraction, where guests can indulge in edible helium balloons and flavor-altering glycoprotein pills, has become a hot commodity since organizers announced that the limited-time exhibit had sold out before it even opened to the public.