Know what goes great with a rousing session of Pokémon Go? Drinkin’.

If you’ve been rounding up Pidgeys to force them to grow up before they’re ready, you’ll have some time to kill while the screen freezes mid-evolution and then your Pidgey, all your Pidgey candies and a stupid half-incubated egg are gone, and all you were doing was trying to play the game, goddammit!

Anyhoo, it’s not hard to see where the imbibing factors in here, which is why we created this brand-spankin’-new quiz. We borrowed cocktail names from some of our favorite bars in New York City — not just the ones spamming us relentlessly with press releases about Pokémon Go–themed libations — and we picked some Pokémon, most of which we can’t effing find anywhere. Judging by their names, it’s really hard to tell them apart. See if you can separate the creatures from the concoctions.

Ready to play Cocktail or Pokémon? GO! (Answers provided below.)

  1. Absol

  2. Arbok

  3. Bellossom

  4. Betelgeuse

  5. Chikorita

  6. Chinchou

  7. Cocoyage

  8. Corsair

  9. Dratini

  10. Eidolon

  11. Finomaid

  12. Gardevoir

  13. Grandyman

  14. Luxray

  15. Magby

  16. Roserade

  17. Sableye

  18. Seaking

  19. Sunflora

  20. Tangela

  21. Threegee

  22. Volstead

 pokemon vs cocktail v2