In the wake of the FDA’s new labeling requirements that spotlight calorie count and added sugars with slightly bigger, bolder lettering, one Instagram account is proving that the new font is still basically invisible. Calorie Brands reimagines the labels of some of our favorite products with calorie labeling built right in.


There’s a pretty obvious correlation between the clarity and size of a product’s label and a consumer’s likelihood to give a damn — the increase in size and nature of health risk labeling relative to the size of cigarette packs, for example. Calorie Brands sideswipes the tendency to ignore the nutritional facts on food packaging by incorporating a product’s calorie count without disturbing the aesthetic like traditional nutritional labeling would (so what would be the rational objection there, right?).

Sticking the calories per container right on the front of the package could greatly reduce the guesswork (and underestimating) that results in overconsumption, and give consumers a better idea of the caloric commitment involved in eating that whole bag of gummy bears.