We’ve all drank our fair share of clumpy, pulpy juice over the years. Some of us even prefer it this way. But imagine you’re mixing juice into a fancy beverage to serve at a brunch or baby shower or backyard BBQ bash. You’d want that beverage to be as beautiful as possible, right? And have an amazing mouthfeel to boot?

ChefSteps wrote in this week with one simple trick to achieve both. All that’s needed is some juice and a few squirts of the enzyme pectinase — available easily and cheaply online and also usable to make sweet little citrus gems. From there, it’s just a matter of introducing the two and letting the pectinase work its magic. Make gorgeous mimosas, greyhounds, margaritas — whatever your favorite juicy cocktail (or mocktail) may be —and it’ll be that much better with crystal-clear juice. Check out the brief instructional video below.

Any fruit juice

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