These perfect citrus gems have a fresh taste and a silky-smooth texture.

You know how canned mandarin oranges are kind of awesome, except that they can be a bit bland? And you know how fresh mandarins can be awesome, except for that annoying white pith on the outside full of pectin? Wouldn’t it be great to find a way to combine the smooth texture of the former with the juicy taste of the latter?

ChefSteps wrote in this week with a method for doing just that. To create sweet gems from fresh citrus (any citrus), you simply combine them with a little pectinase, an enzyme that breaks down the fruit’s pectin, resulting in a pith-free, bitterness-free treat. Chefs call this technique “supreming” and often use it to augment dishes at high-end dining establishments. At home, the possibilities are endless — pop ’em in a flute of bubbly, serve them atop a salad or ice cream, or eat them plain! They’re easy, adorable and delicious. Take a look at the quick instructional video below and get to work on your sweet little gems today!

Fresh citrus fruit, peeled and segmented

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