A Chicago Tribune Reporter Is Eating Tacos Every Day Of May

The Chicago Tribune's Nick Kindelsperger has just embarked on an unintentional taco cleanse, just in time for Holy Frijoles Week at Food Republic!

Upon realizing that he and his wife had dined on the beautiful invention that is the taco for four consecutive nights, the taco-loving reporter, editor and blogger of tacos decided to make this a trend for the entirety of the month.

Kindelsperger isn't just haphazardly gorging on tacos for the 31 days of May, though. He's set up a series of challenges for himself ranging from mastering al pastor in the home kitchen and finding worthy hard-shell tacos to judging whether or not tacos are better while one is intoxicated and finding the single best taco in the Windy City and its suburbs.

The first challenge — who makes the best al pastor in Chicago — has already begun. Follow Nick's noble journey here.