If You Have To Cleanse, Make It A Taco Cleanse

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The hottest cleanse has nothing to do with starvation, parasites, enemas, bank-busting bottled juices or any of the other pleasant things we do to rid our bodies of toxins that probably aren't actually there. If you're going to recreationally purge/reset/undo whatever it is you've done to your system, apply some common sense and a smidge of fun and hop on the taco cleanse diet so many celebrities who already live in the fertile taco country that is Los Angeles are raving about.

Spearheaded by noted taco enthusiast (?) and actress Jennifer Aniston and touted by respected journals such as Cosmopolitan, this revolutionary new...okay, we don't even need to be snarky, let's just get down to business. The taco cleanse is actually pretty great and is possibly the only diet book you'll ever need: corn tortillas are low-calorie, low-carb and gluten-free and completely delicious even stuffed with recommended vegan fillings like guacamole, refried beans, mushrooms, fruit and veggie salsas, spicy peppers, fresh herbs, you get the idea. Make tacos out of what you'd be eating on a mindful diet — it doesn't even have to be vegan, just include whole lean foods — and all of a sudden that tofu scramble will seem infinitely more appealing than if it was just kind of crumbling its way over your plate. It's not about losing weight; it's about feeling good while eating satisfying, nutritious cuisine.

Best of all, with the advent of the taco emoji, explaining to your friends why you can only go to Mexican spots will prove vastly more endearing than explaining what a taco cleanse is.