Last year’s trendiest beverage is getting a new twist this summer. Small Town Brewery, the maker of Not Your Father’s Root Beer, a boozy spin on your favorite sassafras-flavored soda from childhood, has announced that an even boozier version of the popular adult beverage will soon be available nationwide.

  Not Your Father’s most common iteration, rolled out nationally last year, weighs in at a modest 5.9 percent alcohol by volume. The enhanced version, coming soon to restaurants and bars across the country, will be nearly twice that — a whopping 10.7 percent ABV. Previously, the higher-alcohol version was only available within the brewery’s local Chicago area. According to Small Town, the wider distribution will be coordinated in conjunction with Wisconsin Brewing Company.

“The 10.7% was one of our earliest brews and has been amazingly popular since day one,” Small Town founder Tim Kovac said in a press release. “The biggest challenge of rolling out this product nationally was finding a partner who could scale up production while consistently maintaining our quality standards.”

The more potent brew should be available in 45 states by fall 2016.