They’re everywhere. You probably know a few. You may have even dabbled in it yourself. We’re talking about vegans and veganism.

You don’t have to be standing in one of the long lines at New York City’s By Chloe or Superiority Burger to know that vegan eating is a growing trend worldwide. There are even whole grocery stores dedicated to the animal- and dairy-free lifestyle. The word “vegan” is no longer heavily associated with hippies and punks; now it has an air of chicness to it. Since former U.S. president Bill Clinton notably joined the meatless movement in 2010, the lifestyle has gained even more momentum.

Two other newsworthy events are lending additional credence to veganism’s rising popularity worldwide. Over the weekend, police in Berlin shut down a new vegan restaurant after its opening party became too unruly. The packed restaurant, Dandy Diner, played host to 300 people with an additional 500 waiting outside, according to The Local. The crowd was so large that it spilled onto the street, leading to authorities to halt the revelry over safety concerns.

Meanwhile, an even bigger crowd is expected in Tel Aviv, where organizers are preparing to host the world’s largest vegan festival on September 24. The event is expected to draw more than 15,000 herbivores with TED-style lectures about veganism’s connection with sports, feminism, spirituality, animal activism and more. There will also be yoga and Pilates sessions, holistic treatments, fashion and cosmetics stands and more.

Israeli police, you’ve been warned.