Veganz, the world’s first and largest 100 percent vegan grocery store chain, with 10 locations throughout Europe, is slated to open its first location in the United States. The lucky town: Portland, Oregon, a city that has long cultivated a relationship with vegans and the things they love, like great produce, raw and gluten-free foods and an impressive, innovative selection of animal-free protein. Sixty percent of Veganz’s inventory is gluten-free and 50 percent is raw, and shoppers can select from more than 6,000 products. With veganism gaining more followers every year, this crunchy venture is primed for takeoff.


Do you know of any supermarket chains with its own vegan line of products, driving down the markup price and making normal things like cookies, pizza and faux-meat patties more affordable? What about a DIY gift ideas section on its website? Online shopping (with 360-degree views of what you’re ordering) and delivery? How about an adjacent shoe and clothing store? It’s not hard to see why Portlandians are excited for this new addition to their city.

There are even plans set to bring the Veganz show on the road with an Airstream truck serving “healthy fast food,” says founder and CEO Jan Bredack:

Alas, there are no plans as of yet to build fart patios for the stores’ on-site restaurants.