Ramen Sandwiches Are Now A Thing In Japan

Ramen and sandwiches are both incredible foods, favorites in the offices of Food Republic. Sometimes they're paired together, as seen originally with the wildly popular ramen burger. But in a new twist, instead of acting as buns, the noodles serve as the filling between slices of bread. Yes: According to RocketNews24, the country that brought you eel-flavored soda and cheese Kit Kats is now peddling ramen sandwiches, thanks to the Yamazaki Bread company.

These ramen sandwiches look like square versions of American Uncrustables, in that the crusts are absent and the sandwich is pinched closed to resemble a filled pita pocket. Yamazaki also makes other sandwiches, part of a line called Lunch Pack, that are traditionally filled with tuna or peanut butter — you know, normal sandwich things. According to RocketNews24, these sandwiches have also been filled with croquettes and breaded pork cutlets — still pretty tame for Japan. Now Yamazaki is filling its sandwiches with Yokohama-style ramen, which usually comes in a garlicky tonkatsu and shoyu-based broth.

RocketNews24 reports that the sandwich, filled with noodles, pork pieces and a sauce that mimics the broth, was created with the help of Yoshimuraya, a popular ramen shop in Japan. The carbo-loaders are going for ¥150 (about $1.30).