Finally! Flattering Chef's Pants For Women

Chefs face long, strenuous hours in hot kitchens, so being able to wear comfortable, long-lasting clothing should be a no-brainer. Unfortunately, chef's whites and pants don't impress female chefs. New York chef Leah Cohen succintly expressed her disdain for the unflattering chef's whites.

Thanks to Maxine Thompson, a private chef and creator of PolkaPants in the U.K., female chefs can now wear comfortable, professional and flattering bottoms while in the kitchen, according to the Evening Standard.

The fitted high-waisted pants are made of 97 percent cotton and 3 percent stretch fabric, making them breathable and flexible — ideal for the kitchen environment. Belt loops large enough for dish towels are a thoughtful feature. The PolkaPants come in black (‎£60, $87), houndstooth (£75, $109) and a screen-printed polka dot design (£120, $174).

"The price point is higher than other trousers, but they are all designed and made in London, in Finsbury Park," Thompson told the Evening Standard. "If you're a chef, you really care about where your ingredients are from and your footprint. It's the same for me with these products."

Perhaps now you can pair your PolkaPants with a Dooney & Bourke chef's purse.