Team Guac Vs. Team Wings: Which Side Are You On?

Last year at Super Bowl time, in a nationally televised pregame interview, President Barack Obama was asked to make a crucial decision, one that revealed the commander-in-chief's true allegiances once and for all. Mr. President, which do you prefer: Chicken wings, or chips and guacamole? "Now, that's tough," the president told NBC's Savannah Guthrie. "You know, I'm going to go with chips and guac. I'm a fanatic about guac."

Indeed, it was a big night for Team Guac. Beyond the Obama bump, fans of Gang Green celebrated another major victory on the publicity front as well. A clever debut TV commercial by the trade group Avocados From Mexico reached more than 114 million viewers and created the second-biggest social-media buzz of the Super Bowl with its #FirstDraft hashtag. As a result, avocado imports increased by a reported 25 percent, and U.S. sales spiked to more than 50 million pounds per week. That's a lot of guac!

For poultry partisans, meanwhile, the presidential snub only underscored a somewhat subpar outing for the historically dominant Super Bowl staple. According to the National Chicken Council, Americans consumed an estimated 1.25 billion wings during Super Bowl Sunday in 2015 the same amount as 2014. Optimistic wings fans might describe these numbers as "steady"; pessimists might say "flat."

This year, Americans can expect a rejuvenated Team Wings heading into the big game on February 7. The latest industry forecast is predicting higher numbers for Super Bowl 50  1.3 billion wings, a 3 percent increase over last year's figure.

You know what that means: REMATCH!

We, the avid sports fans and ravenous snackers at Food Republic, want to know which side you're on: Team Guac or Team Wings?

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May the best snack win!

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