Two Trends, One Can: Cold-Brewed Butter Coffee Is Wanted By The Masses

Don't have time to wait in line for your Bulletproof butter coffee? Grass Fed Coffee is here to solve that problem. The world's first ready-to-drink butter coffee has raised more than $81,000 on Kickstarter five times the size of its original $15,000 goal  before the February 1 completion date, which makes us reiterate: People really want butter in their coffee.

The can of cold brew, one of Kickstarter's top-earning drinks, is made with Peruvian fair trade beans and "sustainably-produced, grass-fed butter," according to BevNet and Grass Fed Coffee's website. And it's paleo-friendly, because of course it is.

Grass Fed's website also advises newbies to consume only half a can because "the effects of Grass Fed Coffee (mental clarity, focus, energy) are steady and lasting, [and] they can be very strong at first for beginners."

Kickstarter backers are expected to get their cold buttered coffee by this March. Additional flavors of Grass Fed Coffee are in the works.