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Henrik Lundqvist is the king of New York hockey...and surströmming.

The New York Rangers haven’t exactly been playing their best hockey as of late, and star goalie Henrik Lundqvist — normally one of the game’s best netminders — is in the midst of what could be described as somewhat of a season-long slump. But don’t think for a second that any uncharacteristically bad play could ever stop King Henrik from knowing his smörgåskaviar from his surströmming. Wait. Say what?

Earlier today, ESPN released a clip of Lundqvist schooling us on some of the essential dishes of his native Swedish cuisine. Turns out there’s a whole lot more to the country’s food than meatballs and lingonberry jam. After all, Lundqvist is no stranger to the restaurant world. The short video is promoting Becoming Henrik Lundqvist, an upcoming episode of the Becoming series (to be aired on January 24 at 7 p.m. on Disney XD), made by ESPN Films and Disney XD. Previous episodes have featured LeBron James, Chris Paul and Alex Morgan.

We’re big fans of the clip, posted here below, which features a dapper-as-ever Lundqvist laughing his way through describing “terribly smelling” fish and a creepily amusing, deep-voiced Swedish narrator. In fact, we’d totally be on board to hear players like Alexander Ovechkin and Jaromír Jágr talk about Russian and Czech food. As for who to represent the U.S.? Call us crazy, but we’re tempted to nominate Sean Avery because, well, Sean Avery.