Wearing your food, whether or not you intended to, is nothing new. Delivery chain Pizza Hut is trying to get you to wear what they’re calling “Hut Swag,” according to Ad Week. We all know pizza is a godsend and we’ll celebrate it every chance we get, but donning something in praise of Pizza Hut? You’re better than that.

Yes, pizza is important, but is it that important?

The Hut released a video showcasing their pillowcases, hats, shirts, yoga pants, a sweatshirt that says “Pizza is Bae” (before anyone else), sunglasses and more. While it may be aimed at promoting the duds, it really might just be a warning to us all. The video opens with Sad Man sporting a “Dedicated to Pizza” tee and waking up on his Pizza Hut pillowcase…on a couch. Do you really want to be like Sad Man, who apparently doesn’t sleep in a bed?

For the actual love of pizza and if you truly believe pizza is bae, pass on this sad attempt at branding. There are better ways of celebrating that love. Pizza Hut should stick to what they sort of know and what makes hungry, drunk and possibly high college kids sort of happy.