The radio and podcast division of Monocle features a weekly food show, “The Menu,” that addresses the culinary world’s topics du jour and includes interviews and on-location reports with key chefs and figures. It’s smart, provocative radio, and Food Republic is honored to join Monocle in promoting “The Menu,” hosted by Markus Hippi. The latest episode includes an interview with the founder of Our/Vodka, a global spirits brand, owned by Pernod-Ricard, that has worked with local entrepreneurs to open distilleries in Berlin, Seattle, Detroit and now London — with expansion planned throughout the U.S. in 2017. There’s also a report on a Madrid pop-up restaurant that showcases regional Spanish cuisine. Lastly, there’s a guest appearance by Food Republic editorial director Richard Martin, discussing Danny Meyer’s decision to eliminate tipping, the merger of the beer giants behind Budweiser and Miller, and our own report on the rise of hot chicken and fried chicken sandwiches. Check out the latest episode below and read more about “The Menu” here.