Miss Grandma's Home Cooking? You Can Rent A Placeholder.

Moving away from home can be hard, especially if it means moving away from home-cooked meals filled with nostalgia. Luckily for those in the Paris area, there's a website, Lou Papé, that rents out grandparents who will bring the smells and tastes of home cooking to you, according to Food and Wine.

Alizé Delbes founded the site when she felt that her new home of Paris was lacking her grandmother's culinary touch.

The four grandparents featured on the site are retirees and nursing home residents and are available to cook for different prices, ranging from 12 € (about $13.50) to 42 € (about $47.50) per person, based on their menu and experience. According to Lou Papé, both of the grandmothers have taken courses at the Paul Bocuse Institute.

The chefs are even equipped with a few stories from their heyday to really complete the experience. At least you know you haven't heard these tales before. One of the chefs, Béatrice, tells Munchies that she gifts a folder full of her recipes to her clients. Now if that's not a bon idée, we don't know what is.