Your Daily Spread: Stuffing-Flavored Mayo For Holiday Sandwiches

You're already talking about Thanksgiving sandwiches. How do we know? We're also already talking about Thanksgiving sandwiches. Several times recently at FR Headquarters, we've devolved from orderly editorial team into a room of disjointed people, who all believe they're right, yelling about sandwiches.

Enter: Brooklyn condiment haven Empire Mayo, purveyors of small-batch mayonnaise made with all-natural cage-free eggs, in outrageous flavors like the current offerings ghost pepper and black garlic. One-off varieties like Indian lime pickle, hen of the woods mushroom and nori sell out in a matter of weeks. The company's latest endeavor: making your holiday sandwich the very best holiday sandwich it can be, period (I'm not having this debate again), with stuffing-flavored mayo.

"Stuffing has always been my favorite part of a Thanksgiving meal," says cofounder and chef Sam Mason. "This mayo has all the elements of a classic recipe — crunchy toasted bread, savory Herbs de Provence spices from the Greenpoint Trading Co., and a hint of crisp bacon that just begs to be a part of your Black Friday creations."

As the crafter of the best Thanksgiving sandwiches in history, this is a huge development. I was going to use Empire's rosemary mayo, but this hits the spot in a very authoritative and omniscient way.

Empire Mayo's Holiday Stuffing Mayonnaise, $7.