Watch Two Guys Serve McDonald's Disguised As 'Organic Food' To Experts

In today's world of green juices and kale salads, fast food regularly gets a bad rap in the media. Perhaps no place is more stigmatized than the longtime king of the drive-thru, the glorious golden arches of McDonald's. Sure, the worldwide chain with "over one billion served" is big on making claims about the nutritional value in some of its new items, but let's be real: we all know what's actually under the bun.

Could public perception of McDonald's change if people didn't know they were eating McDonald's? Two Dutch comedians from the media brand LifeHunters recently set out to answer this question at the annual food convention in Houten. Their scheme? Serve bites from McDonald's under the guise of being a healthier, organic alternative to fast food and then ask a panel of food experts to compare the items to those served at McDonald's. Take a look at the clip below for a good mid-day laugh. Be sure to click the "CC" button before watching, as the video is in Dutch.

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