Epic Mealtime Makes Tandoori Fried Chicken, Praises Jeffrey Tambor

If you're like us, you probably didn't want to know what a Curry Michigan was before you knew it was related to Epic Mealtime, so we won't ruin the surprise (but it's as gross as it sounds no matter what you were thinking). Lamenting the lack of Indian fast food in the United States and baffled that over a billion Indian people couldn't think this up themselves, the kings of calories' latest challenge is converting everyday dollar menu items into spicier and more flavorful dollar menu items.

Where does beloved comic actor Jeffrey Tambor play into all this? He doesn't, but extra points for dragging him into this whole debacle. We thought he was good in The Larry Sanders Show, too.

Watch the creation of a 33,000-calorie feast that would still only feed about 1/8 of an Indian wedding, and some of them wouldn't eat the Big Mac samosas. But I would actually like a bhaji ball.

"Good social commentary, guys."

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