Listen To Chromeo's Entry For 'Song Of The Summer' And Drink...Cider?

Can we possibly wait until it gets hot to declare the song of the summer? We're all going to hate it by Labor Day anyway. But if we must, Chromeo (whom I've interviewed about killer food not once but twice) has a new track called "Jealous" that's as necessary to your cider-drinking experience as half a glass of ice. I guess. Regardless, Anheuser-Busch's new Johnny Appleseed hard cider has a nifty theme song.

Now, cider sales are reported up nearly 400% over from five years ago, which means that fizzy apple goodness isn't going anywhere, so learn to love it. Allow the dulcet tones from the guys who brought you such hits as "Bonafied Lovin'" and "Mama's Boy" to gently ease you into the transition. Don't worry, P-Thugg loaned us his mom's stuffed grape leaf recipe, these are some standup dudes.


The ad played before I was able to watch this video of a French cat slamming into a glass but not French glass door. You can bet I didn't skip it after 5 seconds.

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