Video: Watch A Precision Drill Carve An Ice Pagoda For Your Whisky

I'd bet anything Bob Harris would have gotten at least a little pumped if his glass of Suntory whisky had contained an ice pagoda. Or ice guitar, mermaid or any of the other bafflingly detailed sculptures the famous Japanese spiritmakers' new precision driller can chisel out of a solid cube. Sadly, his didn't, and we all know what happened (two more hours of...uh...) but that doesn't mean your Japanese whisky story has to come to the same anti-climactic end.

I'm kidding, I really liked Lost In Translation. But I like the thought of sipping Suntory's Hibiki 12-year — double gold medal winner at last week's SF World Spirits Competition — off an intricate Sphinx head even more.

Check out this video and see if your "awesome spherical ice mold" is still so great afterwards.

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