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Where are those calories?

The darkest beer we know has a light secret: while it’s no dieter’s holy grail, Guinness has significantly fewer calories than most of its lighter counterparts. Lighter…lighter…okay stop right there at Bud Light. Now, which one has fewer calories?

The Bud Light, obviously, but just by a hair. A serving of Bud Light clocks in at 115 calories, while the Guinness comes in just over at 125. Here’s more on why you should go to the dark side before you’re any more tempted to pick up that glorified bottle of yellow seltzer:

  • Guinness has antioxidants like red wine and dark chocolate.
  • Guinness and Bud have more or less the same percentage of alcohol: about 4.2%, so you can’t spring for the Bud citing buzzworthiness.
  • Guinness doesn’t have a “lime” flavor.
  • Bud doesn’t make good dessert ingredient. Or cooking ingredient, really.

You catch our draught, right?

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