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Heritage breeds are specially raised and heralded for their intensely flavorful meat and fat. In the realm of haute Japanese proteins (all apologies to tofu), wagyu beef, jidori chickens and kurobuta pork reign supreme. But you don’t have to travel to the Far East to experience some of the best pork on menus today. Kurobuta or “black hog” pork comes from the famed Berkshire pig. 

Yup, Berkshire and kurobuta are the same thing. And this is one meat where it makes a real difference. Ever had a leathery, dry pork chop or tenderloin you simply didn’t have enough saliva to swallow? Conventional farm-raised pigs tend to lack the incredibly tasty fat that heritage breeds have maintained, and which keeps their meat juicy, tender and, yes, expensive. But if you’re a true fan of pork, heritage is worth every succulent bite.

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