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It’s hot. So here are some ideas on how to keep cool during this scorching weekend. (Offer valid only in places where it’s actually hot.)

Summer wouldn’t be complete without a great beer in hand, so here’s a list of 5 rye beers to try right now. Not sure which beer to have at your weekend BBQ? Don’t fret, Food Republic has a basic guide to pairing beer and BBQ. If you feel very adventurous, why not try making your own, with 6 steps to start making your own beer.

Beer’s not the only drink that can keep you cool. Here are some recipes for great cool summer drinks:

Of course, we couldn’t forget your sweet tooth. Why not try to spice up your regular ice cream and popsicle favorites with these two great recipes: Sweet Avocado Ice Pops Recipe and Coffee Granita Recipe. Here’s another challenge for the daring, follow this easy guide on how to make you own snow cones. But for an even simpler way to just keep cool with a twist, why not make your own mint ice?

Keep cool, players.