How To Make Banana Bread With Just 3 Ingredients

Baking can be all well and fun, until you realize that not only do you have a sink full of dishes, but you've dropped a decent amount of money on all the ingredients needed for this project. If you're looking to avoid these issues, while still making yourself a sweet treat, then look no further than this three-ingredient banana bread hack.

Simply mash together two ripe bananas, two eggs, and then a box of yellow cake mix to create this simple recipe. Another secret trick: Utilize a gallon baggie for the liquids, and a disposable aluminum pan for the bread to save on dishes.


3 ingredient banana bread with zero dishes?!?! And it tastes good? Sign me up! This recipe came from @19Manders81 and let me tell you, IT'S MAJESTIC! Who knew you could do so many things with a box of cake mix?! I'm Absorootly hooked on these quick and easy recipes. Y'all know I can't stand washing dishes, they're never ending and I just don't want to some days. That's where this recipe comes in to save the day! Never in the history of ever have I had a recipe with zero dishes until right meow! Here's what you'll need- 2 over ripe bananers 2 eggs 1 box yellow cake mix Aluminum loaf pan – you can wash and reuse if you want! 1 gallon ziploc bag Nonstick spray Toss all of your ingredients into the bag give them a good mix, yeah, here's the most important part. If you're super Duper stressed out treat this bag as a stress ball and get out all of that aggression I promise you you're gonna feel amazing afterwards and then I Gotta do is spray your pan, squeeze the mixture into the pan and pop it right into the oven. 350 for 30 minutes and it's gonna be amazing! Pinky swear promise! #funny #comedy #recipe #cooking #easyrecipe

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This recipe is simple to switch up, too. Consider trying a different cake mix base such as chocolate, spice, or butter pecan to create an entirely different flavor profile that comes to life when combined with bananas. The batter doesn't have to be reserved for bread either. It can be baked into banana muffins or mini loaves, excellent for sharing with friends or packing into a children's lunchbox. 

Plus, if you're avoiding gluten, this recipe works just as well with gluten-free cake mixes, meaning you're three ingredients away from an allergy-friendly dessert. If you have any extra bananas you'd like to use up, try this four-ingredient banana bread, which uses four pieces of fruit per batch.

Tips for making the best banana bread

While this three-ingredient recipe might be easy, that doesn't mean it's foolproof, and there are more tips to make your next loaf perfect. Start with choosing your baking vessel: always bake banana bread in a metal pan instead of glass. While they both heat evenly, the latter will continue to stay hot after it's removed from the oven, meaning your bread may over-brown even after you've taken it out. To figure out if it's done baking, insert a toothpick or skewer into the loaf, which should come out clean or with a few moist crumbs attached.

Banana bread is delicious, although it's not always the most beautiful baked good. But, this problem can be fixed with a few choice toppings. Try halving a banana and arranging it on top of the bread before baking. The end result is eye-catching and it uses up even more fruit if you have some close to expiration. Or get a crumbly and crunchy topping, similar to coffee cake, by sprinkling over some cinnamon and sugar on top pre-bake.

If you would like to customize your easy banana bread further, a few mix-ins are just what's needed. Try the classic addition of nuts (such as walnuts) for crunch, opt for a handful of chocolate chips to make the bread ultra gooey, or stir in some dried fruit (like cranberries) for a seasonal taste. No matter which way you choose to customize, just make sure to store your banana bread properly to keep it fresh for several days.