The Secret To Storing Banana Bread So It Stays Moist

Banana bread is one of the rare treats that is just as perfect for breakfast as it is for a midday snack or a nighttime dessert. Its versatility lends to its popularity, but what really makes banana bread special is that signature soft texture. Whether you picked yours up at a local grocery store or bakery, or you opted to whip up a basic banana bread recipe from scratch, it's worth taking a few extra steps to properly store it to maintain that marvelously moist, fluffy consistency.

When you are ready to put your banana bread away — once you have eaten a slice and allowed it to cool completely if it is homemade — grab a roll of paper towels and an airtight reusable bag or container large enough to fit the loaf. Position a paper towel along the bottom of the container, then put the banana bread on top and cover it with another paper towel before securely closing the container. Stored this way, your banana bread can be kept at room temperature for up to four days or so — less if you live in a warmer climate.

Long-term options for preserving your banana bread

The paper towel-lined container method is ideal for storing your banana bread on your kitchen counter or in the pantry. It offers the dual function of absorbing moisture in the places where the banana bread sticks to the container, preventing the development of mold or a gummy texture, and the airtight space keeps the banana bread from drying out. If you don't think you'll be able to finish the loaf in just a few days, you should move the container as-is into the refrigerator, where it can last up to a week.

If you want to make your banana bread ahead of an event or have one on hand for whenever the craving hits, your best option is to store your loaf in the freezer. You can skip the paper towels, but make sure your container is well-sealed before placing it in the freezer to prevent freezer burn. You may want to wrap the bread in foil as well to prevent odors from absorbing into the bread. Stored this way, your banana bread should be good for up to a year.

Of course, you can also freeze your bread in individual slices, making it easy to take out what you want without defrosting the whole thing. Just wrap each slice in foil and plop them all into a zip-top plastic bag.

Make the most of your banana bread

Banana bread can be easily adapted to suit just about any dietary restrictions — and whether or not you avoid gluten, you'll probably enjoy this paleo walnut and banana bread recipe. But however much you love it, and however hard you try to store it properly, you may find yourself one day with a loaf that is slightly past its prime. If your banana bread starts to become dry, there are plenty of ways to transform it into something new and equally delicious.

The quickest option for making the most of banana bread that's lost some of its moisture is to turn it into toast. Pop a slice in the toaster or pan-fry with plenty of butter to create some delightfully crispy edges. Drizzle with honey, and you have a delicious dessert or brunch item.

If you're looking to regain the softness of the banana bread at its best, eggs are your friend. Dip slices into an egg batter for banana French toast (top with powdered sugar and sliced bananas for a truly yummy dish), or cube pieces of your banana bread to sit overnight in custard for bread pudding. Bake as you normally would until the whole thing is wonderfully golden.