Swap Bread For Hash Browns The Next Time You Make Avocado Toast

If you're an avocado toast lover, you likely have a few garnishes and special touches up your sleeve to give this breakfast favorite a pop of flavor. While toppings from fried eggs to sesame seeds to pickled red onions never hurt, it's time to consider changing up the base for your sliced or mashed avocado. Next time you're preparing brunch, try swapping out the toast for another breakfast staple: hash browns.

Though ditching the toast in avocado toast might be controversial, this swap is delicious enough to convince anyone. Crispy hash browns deliver both a crunchy texture and salty, savory taste, and when used to carry sliced or smashed avocado and toppings, these fried potato patties are hearty enough to stay intact. This dish can satisfy all your breakfast cravings, offering crunchy, creamy, and fresh elements all in one easy-to-eat package.

To prepare this riff on the morning classic, simply fry up homemade or store-bought hash brown patties until golden brown. You can also use your favorite fast food hash browns, which makes this dish even more effortless. Spoon on a generous helping of avocado seasoned with lime and salt for a basic rendition, or pile on your favorite veggies, sauces, seasonings, and proteins like salmon and eggs. Trust us, you won't even miss the bread. 

How to make hash browns that can stand in for toast

When making this dish, it's crucial for the potato "toast" to be nice and sturdy. While there are tons of tips for cooking perfect hash browns in various forms, you'll want to make patties that hold their shape (and whatever's on top of them) without becoming soggy. This is not the place for delicate potato lattices, or thin disks of shredded spuds. Form your hash browns to be about half an inch thick.

It's also important to choose the right types of potatoes for any dish you make. In this case, starchy spuds like russets make for firm yet tender and fluffy hash browns. After frying your patties, blot them with a paper towel, as an overly oily surface can cause your avocado to slip off. To further that ensure your toast holds up, mash your avocados in a separate bowl before piling it onto the potatoes — mash them after they're on the hash browns, and the whole thing could break apart!

For a finishing touch, up the crunch of your avocado "toast" by topping it with chia or pumpkin seeds. Or, layer on some sliced red radishes for color and a peppery bite that cuts through the rich dish. Besides sunny-side up or over-easy eggs, try using white beans or oven-toasted chickpeas for a hit of protein. Any way you top it, this dish will be a winner that is sure to impress your brunch guests.