Cut The Cake With Wine Glasses At Your Next Party

The days of fiddling with messy knives covered in frosting are about to become a distant memory. At your next celebration, take a page from TikTok and cut your cake with wine glasses. This idea might sound a bit zany, but it's actually a more simple and sanitary way to serve and eat dessert — not to mention it looks cool. 

The basic gist of this method is to grab a clean glass, flip it over, and plunge it down onto the edge of the cake. Carefully turn the glass right side up, and you have a perfect single serving. This lets party guests cut their preferred amount of cake and keeps things more clean — no need for a whole crowd to touch one cake server (or the actual cake by accident). Plus, no one gets stuck with official cake-cutting duty while everyone else gets to have fun.

Out of the many types of glassware to use when entertaining, we'd opt for a stemmed red wine glass to serve cake. Compared to a flimsy plate, this type of glass is easier to hold while mixing and mingling, and the larger bowl and wider mouth is even better at catching crumbs as you eat. On the dessert front, a room temperature layer cake with a soft icing (think buttercream or stabilized whipped cream) works best. Ice cream cakes, hard chocolate ganache, or stiff fondant can be too hard for a wine glass to pierce.

The origins of the wine glass cake cutting trick

This wine glass trend may have started with TikTok user @theroseperiod, who posted a video of a birthday celebration in 2020, in which guests are shown effortlessly cutting the cake with glasses. The video has since amassed over a million views, and if you take a look at cake-related hashtags on the platform (such as #birthdaycake), you'll likely see some copycat videos — even four years later.

The comments section on the original video lit up with praise for the idea, though a few realists also chimed in, saying it's probably tough to clean cake out of wine goblets. This doesn't seem to deter fans, though; you may end up with a little frosting or a smattering of crumbs on the outside of your glass, but that's just the price of admission to the trendy cake club.

The glass serving method being more sanitary than a communal cake knife could have greatly boosted its reach; in many countries, social distancing was at its peak in 2020. If you also want to try this trend for cleanliness reasons, it's important for you and your guests to avoid using a glass you've previously sipped from (and make sure no one double dips, so to speak). With our tips in mind, this stunning yet easy way of serving up some Funfetti or berry Chantilly cake is entirely in your reach.