For A Softer And Creamier Egg Salad, Ditch The Boiled Eggs

While boiling an egg is easy in theory, the actual act requires a surprising amount of effort. Anyone can drop an egg into water, but it takes patience and practice to learn how to cook it for the perfect length of time and peel the shell properly so that the surface beneath is shiny and smooth, rather than pockmarked with missing pieces. And no one wants the greenish-gray ring of an overcooked yolk. If you love egg salad, this can be especially frustrating — but it is also entirely avoidable. For the easiest experience of cooking and eating egg salad, scramble your eggs instead of boiling them.

To try this trick, the first thing to do is swap out your usual pot of water for a well-greased pan. Then, rather than navigating the tricky timing of boiling eggs and guessing whether or not they are still runny inside, crack them open and watch as they cook to the ideal consistency. And when it comes to your preferred consistency, this approach to egg salad is not just easier — it also produces a softer, creamier result. While a classic egg salad has two different textures composed of the squeaky whites and buttery yolks, the scrambled version is defined by a uniform silkiness throughout.

Tips for preparing your scrambled egg salad

Once they're fully cooked, make sure you allow your scrambled eggs to cool before adding in seasonings. To speed up the process, you can pop them in the refrigerator for a few minutes. When your scrambled eggs are no longer steaming hot, cut them into smaller pieces so that all of the ingredients blend smoothly together — just as you would in a traditional egg salad.

If you are open to playing around with the primary elements of this recipe, you may want to try the creamy ingredient swap for egg salad without mayo: cottage cheese. This spoonable dairy will add richness to both the flavor and texture, giving you some of that squeak you might otherwise miss. For those looking to shake things up even more, branch out from the usual black pepper to try one or more of the spices that will elevate your egg salad, such as dill, cumin, or turmeric.

Ways to enjoy your super creamy and easy egg salad

After tweaking the components of your egg salad, you may want to stick with a more traditional way of serving it to test the difference. This scrambled version makes an excellent filling for a sandwich, and it also works as the topping for a tartine.

For those seeking a little something more creative — or free from gluten — consider serving egg salad inside an avocado. As an added bonus, this preparation takes the supreme creaminess of the scrambled salad to the next level, thanks to the luscious consistency of this buttery fruit.

Opting for the avocado is also a great means of incorporating key nutrients into your meal and supplementing the protein-packed health benefits of eggs in general, which are a good source of selenium, vitamin B12, and riboflavin. Avocados are rich in folate, fiber, and potassium, as well as vitamins C, E, and K. Together, this nourishing combination can help regulate a range of important bodily functions, including your digestion and immune system.