Bacon Jam Is The Sweet And Savory Ingredient Your Deviled Eggs Need

Spotting a deviled egg at the picnic table is a treat in and of itself. However, when creamy egg yolks work in harmony with smoky bacon jam, the hors d'oeuvres become something to fight over. Let your appetizer steal the spotlight at your next gathering by inviting the sweet-savory relish to the party.

Incorporating the porky topping is easy. All cooks need to do is add a dollop on top of each prepared egg. A small scoop, roughly a half teaspoon per egg, will do the trick. For extra oomph and a balanced bite, you can also add a spoonful directly into the deviled yolk cream before filling the whites. It's usually made with acid, sugar, onions, and plenty of bacon fat, which means it adds nuance to the usual mayonnaise-heavy mixture.

For extra flair and control over the tangy topping, cooks can also choose to whip up a batch of bacon marmalade themselves. The homemade route allows for more freedom in choosing the intensity and layers of flavor in the mixture. Adding booze, for example, draws out and smooths all those boisterous flavors. Plus, traditionalists can rest easy knowing no matter how much or little they use, the final product should get its usual cheerful dusting of paprika.

Customizing bacon jam to your tastes

The beauty of the meaty spread is that cooks have endless ideas and helpful tricks for making it. If guests are all about the tang of balsamic vinegar, try using an onion balsamic bacon jam recipe. Or you can surprise diners and embrace the heat with added jalapeƱo peppers. Unable to nurture the concoction? Take a hands-off approach and prepare a batch in the slow cooker.

If pork doesn't fit everyone's diet, pivot and use another cured meat. Turkey bacon makes for a similarly smoky and sweet alternative even though it's leaner. Diced cooked brisket can also provide a rich backdrop for the maple syrup and tangy acid reductions. Fat does help the onions caramelize and sweeten, so add in extra renderings, like chicken schmaltz or tallow, if you have any set aside from another cook.

Vegetarians may prefer umami-rich tomato jam. The fruit is a sweet foil to savory-spicy additions like harissa and hot peppers, as well as salty miso. Although it's a challenge to replicate the protein's meatiness, mushrooms can also serve as a stand-in after they've sweated out their moisture and browned in the pan. Ambitious grill enthusiasts can also try smoking the fungi to infuse some of bacon's evocative applewood or hickory scent.

Other bacon jam-centric starters

Once the bacon marmalades and relishes come out, it's hard to resist putting them on everything. Finger foods are an especially fitting vessel for the intense topping because the strong flavor can whet appetites and shine without overwhelming a meal. Bacon and smoky deviled eggs are a slam dunk combination, but there are loads of other dishes that benefit from a swipe of jam.

First, consider another eggy option: the mini quiche. Deliciously rich and cheesy, this mixture also allows the sweet-savory spread to provide a sophisticated savory note when added on top or in the center. Or embrace the miniature meal with sliders. A rich bite of beef is made better with the smoke of bacon or brisket jam.

The fat and acid in the pork marmalade also allows it to shine against creamy Brie and have a taming effect on strong flavors like goat cheese. A generous sprinkle of fresh herbs, like thyme, can turn a crunchy crostini into an elegant meal in a bite. For a more robust opening course, use bacon jam to make salad dressing and watch how fast the leafy greens disappear.