The 3-Ingredient Bagels That Make Breakfast A Stress-Free Affair

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but mornings (especially weekday mornings) are seldom leisurely enough to enjoy a proper meal at home. More often, they are hectic, hurried sprints that force you to grab something on your way out the door — or at a local spot. But, rather than wait in line for a good bagel, try this three-ingredient recipe that transforms breakfast into a delicious, stress-free affair.

Traditionally, making chewy bagels from scratch requires hours. The multi-step process involves kneading, shaping, and resting the dough before the bagels are boiled and baked. They require a handful of ingredients, including yeast and a baking soda bath, to produce anything that resembles a New York City bagel. But, in contrast, this three-ingredient, no-knead recipe combines all-purpose flour, baking powder, and Greek yogurt, making a high-protein, homemade bagel in just 30 minutes. 


These 3 ingredients, no yeast, no knead homemade bagels are protein packed and ready in 30 minutes. I wasn't sure how these would turn out, but they really blew my mind and my kids LOVE them. Made with just flour, greek yogurt, and baking soda, these homemade 3 ingredient bagels are easy and delicious which is a combination I love.

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As Andy's East Coast Kitchen demonstrated on TikTok, the ingredients are briefly combined until a shaggy dough forms. The mixture is then divided evenly into nine bagels with a signature hole in the middle. Each is brushed with an egg wash and coated with a topping before skipping the bath and going directly to the oven to bake. Once golden brown, the warm, tender bagels are ready for a schmear or the best-tasting egg and cheese sandwich you've ever had, with plenty of leftovers for the week.

Tips for preparing homemade bagels

This versatile recipe can be prepared in many ways, using different toppings and types of flour, including gluten-free, bread, and self-rising flours. Compared to professionally-made options, these bagels are more rustic-looking, which adds to their charm. If desired, use a moistened finger to smooth the surface before adding your topping. The egg wash gives the bagels a lovely sheen and helps the seasoning adhere, but you can use water to make them egg-free, too.

To get a head start on breakfast, mix the dough and store it in a covered bowl in the refrigerator for up to three days. When you're ready to enjoy them, shape the bagels by rolling the dough into ropes and pinching the ends together to create an "O." Allow them to reach room temperature before baking them on a lined baking sheet, spacing a few inches apart, since they'll expand. When it's time to coat the bagels, you can't go wrong with everything bagel seasoning, but toppings can also be sweet, tangy, or spicy, so you can get creative.

In addition to the oven, you can bake the bagels using an air fryer, reducing the cooking time by half. The results are great, but the small air fryer basket means you'll need to bake them in batches. Store leftover bagels in the refrigerator for a few days, or slice them in half and freeze them for a more extended time.

Get creative with your bagel sandwiches

Since this bagel recipe comes together quickly and the result freezes beautifully, you'll want plenty of ways to enjoy it. Unlike other bread types, a bagel's sturdy texture allows you to build hearty sandwiches like the viral chopped bagel trend — without fear that it will fall apart. Your only limitations are your imagination and how wide you can open your mouth.

Making bagels from scratch lets you add another layer of flavor by taking advantage of the seasoning blends available online and in specialty markets — and pairing with ingredients inside. Upgrade a breakfast classic by coating your bagel with furikake, an umami-rich Japanese seasoning that contains sesame seeds, sugar, and nori. Generously smear each side with cream cheese, and then load the bagel with salmon, sprouts, pickles, and capers for a brighter version of the OG.

Although egg and cheese on a bagel is a perfect combo for any time of day, save the basics for the kids and season yours with a spicy blend containing dried ancho chili peppers, tomato flakes, leeks, and garlic. Or stick to a proven combination and use a smoky bacon rub. Add a crispy hash brown patty or potato latke to the filling for a crunchy element, and you'll never want it any other way. The bagel can be served open-faced to make mini pizzas or even as a vehicle for avocado toast. And if you can't enjoy it warm, don't settle for the usual deli options. Elevate your chicken salad, tuna salad, and egg salad options, too.