Ranking Brands Of Chocolate Chips From Worst To Best

In the world of baked goods, few things spark debate quite like chocolate, and the humble chocolate chip is no exception. Elevating a cookie from good to great hinges on this tiny morsel of tasty goodness, but what is it that separates a delightful melt-in-your-mouth experience from a disappointing, one-note chip?

A great chocolate chip offers a blend of textures and it snaps upon biting, followed by a smooth melt. This textural contrast is key, but we all know that flavor is where the magic happens. High-quality chips boast a complex profile, ranging from deep, rich cocoa tones to hints of caramel and vanilla. On the other hand, a bad chip can be a flavor bomb of artificial sweetness or one-dimensional bitterness.

It's important to remember that chocolate chips made for baking often have a higher melting point so they hold their shape in cookies. Chips intended for snacking might have a lower melting point for a creamier texture. Dark chocolate has a higher cocoa content and a less sweet flavor, while semi-sweet strikes a balance between cocoa and sweetness. Finally, milk chocolate chips have a sweeter, creamier taste compared to the others. The perfect chocolate chip balances texture and taste, and is made from high-quality ingredients. With all of the above in mind, I've ranked our favorites from worst to best. I drew on my experiences with a variety of supermarket-ready picks (I'm a voracious home baker) as well as favorites from world-famous culinary experts like Ina Garten and recommendations from the online baking community.

10. Great Value Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

Great Value, a staple of the Walmart bakery aisle, offers a budget-conscious chocolate chip option for bakers. While the chips definitely don't compete with high-end brands in terms of complexity (and they're a touch too sugary for my taste), they get the job done when throwing together a batch of cookies. They have a chewy texture and hold their shape well in baked goods, but for those seeking a melty, gooey experience, Great Value chips might fall short.

Made with a blend of cocoa butter and chocolate liquor, Great Value chocolate chips offer a mild to semi-sweet flavor profile. They lack the rich depth of pricier options, but their sweetness can appeal to those who prefer a less intense chocolate flavor.

They're a practical, budget-friendly choice for everyday baking, but they ultimately prioritize low cost over quality. A low cocoa content gives them a weak, unimpressive taste, so if you're a baking enthusiast seeking a complex chocolate flavor or a luxurious melt-in-your-mouth experience, consider splurging on a higher-end brand.

9. Hershey's Kitchens Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

Hershey's Kitchens Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips are a ubiquitous presence in baking aisles everywhere and carry the name of a classic chocolate brand synonymous with childhood treats. These chips offer a consistent and familiar flavor profile, making them a reliable choice for home bakers.

The chocolate flavor in Hershey's chips leans towards sweetness rather than cocoa-aligned bitterness. Reliance on Hershey's signature chocolate recipe, which uses a higher proportion of milk chocolate, delivers a crowd-pleasing sweetness, but it lacks the complex notes found in higher-cocoa chips. If you prefer a deeper, more intense chocolate experience, Hershey's chips may fall flat. The smooth, creamy texture melts well when incorporated into cookies or brownies, which makes them ideal for achieving that gooey chocolate experience.

With a familiar sweetness and creamy texture, Hershey's Kitchens Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips are a good choice for families and those with a nostalgic fondness for classic chocolate chip cookies. For bakers seeking a more nuanced chocolate flavor or a more premium baking experience, other options might be more suitable.

8. Whole Foods 365 Organic Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

Whole Foods 365 Organic Chocolate Chips are a tempting proposition for health-conscious bakers: organic chocolate chips at a more affordable price point compared to other organic brands. However, while they cater to the organic shopper, the chocolate experience might be a mixed bag. Made with organic cane sugar and organic chocolate liquor, these chips offer a mildly sweet flavor profile. This can be a plus for those who prefer a less sugary option, but the cocoa content can be somewhat on the lower side, resulting in a less complex chocolate taste compared to pricier organic brands.

The texture of these organic chips can also be a point of contention. Some find them a bit crumbly and chalky, lacking the satisfying snap of higher-quality chips. This crumbly texture can also affect how they hold their shape in baked goods. They'll add a touch of chocolate flavor to cookies or muffins without overpowering the sweetness, but there are better textures out there.

While Whole Foods 365 Organic Chocolate Chips are a decent option for budget-minded bakers seeking organic ingredients, if you prioritize a rich, complex chocolate taste or a luxurious texture, you might want to consider splurging on a different organic brand.

7. Nestle Toll House Allergen Free Dark Chocolate Morsels

Nestle Toll House Allergen Free Dark Chocolate Morsels cater to the health-conscious chocoholic. They're a darker alternative to the brand's classic milk chocolate chips, boasting a higher cocoa content for a richer, fuller flavor. With a deeper, more bittersweet taste, the increased cocoa content hints at notes of caramel and fruit, appealing to snackers and bakers alike. This level of bitterness might not be for everyone, though, especially those with a strong preference for sweeter treats.

Nestle uses organic cane sugar to sweeten these chips and avoids all contact with nuts, milk, wheat, and soy to concoct a recipe that's friendly to as many chocolate lovers as possible. Texture-wise, these chocolate chips have a satisfyingly smooth melt, incorporating well into cookies and brownies, achieving that melty chocolate experience familiar to Nestle Toll House products.

These chips are a great choice for health-conscious bakers or allergy-prone snackers who enjoy a darker chocolate experience and want to reduce artificial sugars. However, the bitterness might not suit everyone's palate.

6. Enjoy Life Foods Chocolate Chips

Enjoy Life Foods Chocolate Chips are another lifesaver for those with nut allergies, soy sensitivities, and a host of other dietary restrictions. These chips are delicious and inclusive, giving everyone a chance to enjoy a little chocolatey goodness.

With a smooth and slightly chewy consistency, they hold their shape well in cookies and don't melt quite as readily as some other chocolate chip options. This might be a minor drawback for those who crave a classic melty experience, but the super simple recipe focuses on quality: nothing but cane sugar, cocoa butter, and unsweetened chocolate to see here! The biggest selling point of Enjoy Life chips is their allergy-free status, and they beat out Nestle's option ever so slightly with their balance of sweetness and bitterness.

Overall, Enjoy Life Foods Chocolate Chips offer a pleasant sweetness, a good baking texture, and most importantly, peace of mind for safe inclusion regardless of dietary restrictions.

5. Nestle Toll House Semi-Sweet Morsels

Full disclosure: I am a devout home baker, and these are the chocolate chips I buy most often. Convenient, reliable, and definitely cost-effective — I just can't resist! This is also Ina Garten's favorite chocolate chip brand, and who am I to argue with the Barefoot Contessa herself?

Nestle Toll House chips provide a consistent and familiar flavor profile you'll never have to second-guess. They lean in the direction of a moderately sweet taste with a hint of chocolateyness. This crowd-pleasing sweetness makes them a consistent choice for families and novice bakers, but for true cocoa aficionados, these might be a bit one-dimensional. They melt pretty perfectly, making them ideal for everything from cookies to cakes, but some bakers find them lacking the luxurious, melty center many associate with higher-end chocolate chips.

The biggest advantage of Nestle Toll House chips is their convenience and affordability. They're readily available, easy on the wallet, and a super practical choice for everyday cooks and snackers.

4. Trader Joe's Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

Trader Joe's has a cult following of foodie fans, and the chain's Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips have become a favorite among budget-conscious bakers. These morsels offer a good balance of affordability and quality, making them a popular choice for creating delicious chocolate-filled treats.

With a respectable cocoa content compared to other low-cost brands, they provide a flavor profile that's more than just one-note sweetness. Hints of cocoa emerge alongside the sugar, offering a mildly complex taste that elevates any cookie recipe. While they might not rival high-end chocolates, they've got a surprising level of depth for the price. The melt-in-the-mouth texture also makes them a great choice for snacking straight from the bag.

All in all, these are a strong contender in the budget-friendly chocolate chip category. They deliver a decent chocolate flavor with a good melt, making them a versatile option for both baking and snacking. For anyone in search of a luxurious chocolate experience, other brands might be preferable, but for bakers who prioritize value without sacrificing taste, Trader Joe's chocolate chips are a winning choice.

3. King Arthur Baking Callebaut Semisweet Chocolate Mini Chips

Top-notch Belgian chocolate in chip form! King Arthur Barry Callebaut Semisweet Chocolate Mini Chips are the result of a dream collaboration between a revered baking brand and a Belgian chocolate powerhouse, Callebaut. This marriage of expertise takes your baking to the next level, offering the perfect chip for discerning chocolate lovers.

Callebaut chocolate has a well-deserved reputation for quality, and these chips deliver a rich and complex taste, brimming with notes of cocoa, caramel, and vanilla. This depth of flavor isn't just a treat for the taste buds — it elevates the entire recipe, transforming cookies, muffins, and more into gourmet experiences. Texture is another area where these chips excel. They boast a perfect snap when bitten into with a luxurious melt that covers your tongue in chocolatey bliss. This combination adds a delightful contrast to baked goods, ensuring each bite is incredibly satisfying.

King Arthur Baking Callebaut chips might come at a premium price, but they offer a premium experience. For bakers who prioritize quality ingredients and an exceptional chocolate flavor, these chips are a delectable investment worth making. Fair warning, though: These are nearly impossible to find anywhere other than the King Arthur Baking site itself!

2. Ghirardelli Premium Baking 60% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate Chips

My personal favorites for whenever I want to go the extra mile are the Ghirardelli Premium Baking 60% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate Chips. They offer fantastic quality without being wildly overpriced. With a smooth, satisfying texture and a higher dose of cacao than the average chocolate morsel, this decadent chocolate chip hits the sweet spot of indulgence for serious chocoholics.

The 60% cacao content of the chips translates to a deeper, more bittersweet flavor compared to semi-sweet chips. Hints of dark chocolate emerge alongside subtle sweetness for a complex taste that complements every treat you can think of. For bakers who find milk chocolate or semi-sweet chips overly sweet, these chips provide a welcome change. They hold their shape well in baked goods, ensuring distinct pockets of chocolate throughout, but they still melt perfectly for a gooey, creamy bite.

Ghirardelli is a versatile choice for bakers and snackers who appreciate quality ingredients, and the brand has earned their spot as a premium chocolatier. These chips deliver a richer chocolate experience than semi-sweet chips at a reasonable price point. They are a significant step up in chocolatey flavor for everyday baking, yet they come in second because not everyone loves the somewhat more bitter nature of this much cacao.

1. Guittard Semisweet Chocolate Super Cookie Chips

With real vanilla bean and chocolate that is crafted in small batches using artisanal French techniques for an indulgent result, Guittard Semisweet Chocolate Super Cookie Chips are a decadent indulgence for serious bakers and casual chocoholics alike.

The flavor profile of these chips is a symphony for the taste buds. They serve up a rich and complex character, brimming with notes of cocoa, caramel, and a hint of sumptuous vanilla. This depth of flavor goes beyond mere sweetness, transforming your cookies into gourmet treats worthy of sharing or savoring. Texture plays a crucial role in the Guittard experience. With an audible snap upon biting and a luxurious melt that coats your tongue in chocolatey bliss, the delightful textural contrast elevates the experience of each bite.

Guittard Super Cookie Chips come at a premium price, reflecting their superior quality ingredients. However, for bakers who prioritize an exceptional chocolate experience and the ability to elevate their baking to new heights, these chips are an investment worth making. A single bite reveals why they're called "Super" — they truly redefine what a simple chocolate chip can be!