How To Season The Griddle On A Blackstone Grill In Time For Summer

Whether you're trying out a basic burger recipe, or want to experiment with a melty Cuban sandwich, owning a solid griddle to whip out on a hot summer's day is an essential part of backyard cooking. One of the most popular griddles on the market comes with the Blackstone grill. Also known as a flat top grill, this brand's griddles are renowned for their large surface areas that let you prepare just about any foods you want, all at the same time. The surface is made from carbon rolled steel, which is great at evenly distributing heat, but requires some maintenance. 

Like cast iron, carbon steel needs to be properly prepared (i.e. seasoned) so your food doesn't stick and you don't damage the material. Seasoning is the process of creating a non-stick coating on your griddle surface by polymerizing oil over and over. To do this, you need to heat your griddle for ten to fifteen minutes, then rub it down with a thin layer of an oil or protectant (about three tablespoons should do it). Blackstone sells its own branded griddle seasoning, but you can also use any neutral oil or fat with a high smoke point, like canola oil or avocado oil. The process itself is easy, but it's vital to follow a few safety tips and know when to season and re-season your appliance.

Season your grill several times for non-stick cooking

The safest way to season a Blackstone griddle is to use a pair of tongs to wipe your grill down with a paper towel soaked in oil or protectant. Less is more here; the thinner the layer of oil you apply, the less likely you are to end up with a sticky, uneven surface. Once your oil has been smoothed on, it will begin to smoke. Let the layer burn off for another ten minutes or so, until the smoke dissipates. From there, you want to repeat this practice several times to allow the seasoning to build up.

The result will be a darker, shinier surface on your griddle, which will prevent food from sticking to the steel and make the grill top easier to clean after cooking. Whether you are working with a flat-top griddle or a traditional grill grate, seasoning is the key to longevity. It also adds flavor to your food, and encourages the Maillard reaction that browns and sears ingredients, so your burgers, veggies, or fish filets will end up perfectly brown and crispy.

Maintain the seasoning on your griddle

Once it is properly seasoned, you're going to want to know how to clean your Blackstone griddle, and how often you should do it. These griddles have a tendency to rust, so continuing to season them is a crucial aspect of proper maintenance. After cooking, be sure to use a scraper to push off any stuck bits of food from your griddle, then wipe the surface with a paper towel. If the scraper didn't manage to get everything off, try letting the griddle cool off and then scrub it with hot water and a scouring pad.

Once you've wiped your griddle down one last time, you want to top it with another thin layer of oil. You can then leave the grill as-is, since the next time you fire it up, the heat will bond that oil to the surface and reinforce the seasoning. If your Blackstone griddle ever starts to lose its non-stick qualities, you can repeat the full seasoning process you did when you first bought it, which should bring it back to life.