Barack Obama's Favorite Food Is A Classic Sandwich

Barack Obama's two terms as the 44th president of the United States are filled with accomplishments, and his time in office was nothing short of remarkable. While he will be remembered for his many achievements, not the least of which include ushering in the Affordable Care Act and receiving a Nobel Peace Prize, it's his culinary predilections that set him apart from his predecessors. Widely considered to be the nation's first foodie president, there's one sandwich in particular that ranks as Obama's favorite — the classic cheeseburger.

His preference for cheeseburgers becomes obvious when you consider just how many times he enjoyed them while in office. Time Magazine did an in-depth analysis of the former president's eating habits and determined that he dined outside of the White House "at least 120 times", and a significant chunk of those meals were at burger joints (per Time). 

The commander-in-chief's love for burgers isn't just limited to terra firma either. In 2009, a National Geographic documentary team joined the then-incoming president on his first flight aboard Air Force One, en route to his historical inauguration. A video clip shows him meeting a member of the aircraft's kitchen staff, reviewing the dinner menu, and opting for a cheeseburger. He asked for it to be prepared medium-well, with cheddar cheese, Dijon mustard, lettuce, and tomato.

Where President Obama ate cheeseburgers

That first presidential burger was far from the last. In May 2009, President Barack Obama and his entourage made an unannounced visit to Five Guys in Washington, D.C. At the counter, he ordered a cheeseburger with jalapeños, tomatoes, and mustard, along with fries. Five Guys french fries are made by twice-frying hand-cut potatoes in peanut oil which makes them especially delicious. He also got food for his staff as well as for NBC's Brian Williams who was filming with the president at the time. Obama paid for the food with cash and got it to go, to be enjoyed back at the White House.

That same month, Obama paid a visit to Ray's Hell Burger in Arlington, Virginia, accompanied by then-Vice President Joe Biden. Here we start to get a sense of the president's burger preferences. He once again ordered his cheeseburger medium-well, with spicy or Dijon mustard (he specified that he did not want ketchup), lettuce, and tomato. Obama's was made with white cheddar while Biden got his with peppers and Swiss cheese.

In a unique move of international diplomacy, Obama revisited Ray's Hell Burger in 2010, this time with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in tow. Obama got his usual cheddar cheeseburger, this time with the addition of sautéed onions and sweet pickles, while Medvedev's came with mushrooms and hot peppers. The two heads of state shared an order of fries.

Obama and Biden were burger buddy besties

In 2011, President Barack Obama stopped by D.C.'s Good Stuff Eatery for a cheeseburger with his usual fixings. While in Boston between campaign rallies, the president made a pit stop at Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe along with the city's mayor, Tom Menino. He ordered the usual with fries and is said to have left a good tip (via Boston Magazine).

In 2014, Obama and future president Biden bonded over burgers again when they dropped by the Shake Shack in D.C. This time around, Obama's burger was sans cheese, while Biden got a cheeseburger and a milkshake. Both men had fries (per Washington Post). Incidentally, Shake Shack serves Ina Garten's favorite fast food sandwich, and it's not a cheeseburger.

While in Minnesota in 2014, Obama went to Matt's Bar to try the restaurant's Jucy Lucy, which is a regional twist on his favorite sandwich. A Minneapolis specialty, the Juicy Lucy cheeseburger recipe features a burger patty that's stuffed with American cheese. When cooked the cheese gets hot and melty, prompting the waitress to warn the president on how to properly eat it and not get burned by the cheese that oozes out with each bite. The president washed down the meaty and gooey delight with fries and an iced tea (per Twin Cities).