Sweetened Condensed Milk Is The Key To Making 2-Ingredient Truffles

If you have a can opener and two ingredients, you can make the easiest chewy chocolate truffles on the planet. They are creamy, just-sweet-enough, come together in a flash, and are one of the many surprising ways to use a can of sweetened condensed milk. Use a ratio of about two parts condensed milk to one part cocoa powder. For a whole can that contains 10 fluid ounces, you will need about 1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder, though you can reduce that amount if you are sensitive to bitterness.

Warm the condensed milk in the microwave in short bursts, sift in the cocoa powder, and stir well to combine. Then, wrap the mixture in plastic wrap or press it into a pan lined with parchment paper with the shiny side facing up. After chilling in the fridge or freezer, the truffle mixture will be firm enough to cut into segments, roll into balls, and dust with cocoa powder. To ease the process, grease your hands with butter or oil before rolling.

Other versions of these truffles involve cooking down the sweetened condensed milk for a few minutes on the stovetop to achieve a thicker texture. You can also adjust the consistency by adding more liquid or chocolate to suit your tastes. More condensed milk will make the truffles chewy, fudgy, and sweet while extra cocoa powder will make them firmer, with more bite.

These truffles are like shortcut brigadeiros

Brigadeiros are a beloved Brazilian confection that became widely known in the 1940s. They were likely named for a presidential candidate at the time who was a brigadier in the Air Force. Eduardo Gomes was known as the Brigadeiro, and the sweet treats were sold at fundraising rallies to support his candidacy. The combination of sweetened condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter, and a sprinkle coating was reflective of the limited ingredients available due to wartime rationing.

In the case of brigadeiros, all the ingredients — apart from the sprinkles — are cooked together until thickened, which takes up to about 15 minutes. Then they are rolled into balls and covered in chocolate sprinkles. This is the most traditional version, but they can be rolled in a ton of different toppings. The beijinho is another popular riff that requires cooking down sweetened condensed milk with grated coconut.

Get creative!

With an endless number of options for toppings and add-ins, these sweet treats are perfect for a special DIY gift or a treat-yourself moment. To make a vegan version, the best canned good substitution for sweetened condensed milk is coconut cream — though you can also use plant-based condensed milk if it is available at your local supermarket or you plan to make it yourself.

Consider incorporating extracts to enhance the flavor, as well. Vanilla, orange, almond, or rum extract would work well here. Use any number of dried fruits, nuts, candy bars, and sprinkles to finish your perfect two-ingredient truffles.

Try pressing a whole almond into the center of your truffles. Then, roll the whole thing in shredded coconut for an Almond Joy-inspired take. Use a combination of finely chopped pistachios and crushed dried rose petals for a delightfully aromatic and luxurious version, or keep it simple with miniature chocolate chips.

Crushed toffee, cookie crumbles, peppermint pieces, toasted hazelnut, or blitzed, freeze-dried raspberries would all be delicious. You can even use different colored sprinkles to make themed, bite-sized desserts for your next holiday get-together. With only two ingredients and minimal effort, you will have plenty of bandwidth to get super creative!