How Pimento Cheese Sandwiches At The Masters Stay $1.50

The Masters tournament in Augusta, Georgia is all about sports, but one tradition has less to do with golf balls and clubs and more to do with dairy. Fans of golf and players alike love the pimento cheese sandwiches served at the famed event. Despite the sandwich's large fanbase, it rings up at only $1.50 each. 

Attendees having affordable food options is important to the Masters tournament, especially to create a feeling of nostalgia (everything used to be cheaper, after all). Billy Payne, chairman of the August National Golf club that hosts the Masters, spoke to this priority, saying, "the cost of a pimento cheese sandwich is just as important as how high the second cut [of grass] is going to be." 

Concessions can be expensive at sporting events because folks are willing to pay to create the perfect experience. The rule of supply and demand means that attendees will pay a pretty penny for that iconic ballpark hot dog or garlic fries. Higher prices are also a necessity to account for costs not covered by the price of tickets. However, the Masters isn't willing to part with tradition, and upping food costs seems to be out of the question. Tickets are sold on a very limited lottery, and dedicated fans spend upwards of $1,600 in the resale market. Organizers of the Masters want the concessions to be generous to anyone lucky enough to attend.

What is in the Masters pimento cheese sandwiches?

What is pimento cheese made of? This Southern staple is creamy and orange-hued, loaded with a hefty amount of mayonnaise, lots of shredded cheese, and sweet and mild pimento peppers. The pimentos are typically preserved in jars or cans and then chopped up. Of course, there are as many versions of this spread as there are kitchens in the South, but the mayo, freshly-grated cheese, and diced peppers are a must in any pimento cheese recipe

The spread served at the Masters has been the subject of many reverse engineering attempts, but it doesn't seem like anyone has truly cracked the code. The label on the iconic green plastic sandwich bags does give a clue: It lists extra sharp cheddar cheese, Monterey jack cheese, cream cheese, mayonnaise, pimentos, onions, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper.

The only problem is that the actual proportions of each ingredient are really anyone's guess. At least the rest of the sandwich formula is easy – it's nothing but a thick layer of the creamy, tangy spread sandwiched between two pieces of sweet and squishy white bread. The simple treat couldn't be more suited to an afternoon of watching golf; that's $1.50 well spent!